Life of a Garden tour

Tues., April 30
9:30 a.m.-10:45 a. m.

Students from Biological Sciences Professor Candace Galen’s “Life of a Garden” senior capstone course will make presentations on Tues., April 30, detailing their semester-long interactions with some of Mizzou’s theme gardens.

Life of a Garden tour

MUBG friends and others listen as students in Biological Sciences Professor Candace Galen’s “Life of a Garden” senior capstone course make presentations.

Open to outside audiences, Friends of Mizzou Botanic Garden are invited to join the group to experience first-hand one of the ways MUBG fulfills its educational niche on campus.

“Students work in teams of four to six to make observations of garden plants and how these change over time,” Galen said. “Each student chooses a specific plant and documents its development. Library research into the ethnobotany of the plant, which includes its medicinal and nutritional uses and, for instance, its use as lumber or fiber, is incorporated into the presentations.

“Each group also gets to design a small research project,” Galen added. “These include things like the effects of spending time in nature on human physiology, how gardens support pollinators and the effects of light and rainfall — biology.”

The projects give students a sense of what it’s like to conduct research and to present it.

“Students are pretty busy,” Galen said. “They also put together field guides as Google docs.”

Guests will meet at the Wildlife Pond, next to Lefevre Hall, at 9:30 a.m to begin the students’ final presentation tour. Other gardens included this semester include the Discovery Garden, the Ellis Perennial Garden, the Woodland Garden and the Butterfly Garden.

“We choose gardens that have a meaningful association for students,” Galen said. “It’s fun. And at graduation, students can take their parents to their gardens.”


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