About the Garden

Welcome to the Mizzou Botanic Garden.

The University of Missouri aspires to instill the core values Discovery, Excellence, Respect and Responsibility into the life curriculum of the
students who attend MU. For the Mizzou Botanic Garden, Discovery is the value that best describes our aspirations and is the foundation
for all we do to foster a better understanding of our place in the natural world.

The new year begins with the winter “resting” period, which provides a much-needed dormancy for most plants. Yet there is so much underway
as Nature prepares for the season ahead. Native wildflowers are starting the germination process, hopefully under a blanket of snow
that results in the coming year’s bounty that supports native pollinators with nectar, pollen and foliage. The bright, colorful discoveries in
the garden that happen each spring and summer have their origins in the cold of winter.

We will continue to grow in our efforts to support native pollinators by advocating for their habitat needs and providing educational opportunities
within our community. National Pollinators Week kicks off on June 25, and our garden will again participate in this national project.
Closer to home, Mizzou Botanic Garden will help Missourians for Monarchs, a statewide conservation collaborative, continue its progress in
replenishing monarch populations. We also will engage young Boone County citizens with pollinator day camps so that future generations
will be prepared to lead these efforts when it is their time to take over.

As we move through the warm days of summer, a very spectacular natural event — a total solar eclipse — will occur on Aug. 21. This exceedingly rare occurrence is a singular event that will broaden the interest in all things natural as well as stimulate other discoveries about our world and universe.

Summer gives way to fall, and this is the time to pause and reflect upon the beautiful year we have just enjoyed, and to discover the beauty
of Nature as she prepares our environment for the winter sleep. Join us for our annual Friends meeting in September and stroll the campus
in October to enjoy the kaleidoscope of autumnal colors.

I hope that you enjoy the garden as much as I do.


Director Photo

Director of the Mizzou Botanic Garden

P. S. Alumni, friends and organizations wishing to support the Mizzou Botanic Garden's mission and growth may contact the garden at (573)882-4240 or e-mail gardens@missouri.edu