‘Georgia Champions of Landscape Gardening’ programs offered rare chance to rub shoulders with horticulture celebrities

Mizzou Botanic Garden and Friends of MUBG annually sponsor programs to highlight the work and mission of the garden and to attract new members. In September 2018, four high-profile garden experts — all with ties to the Peach State — traveled to the MU campus for MUBG’s “Georgia Champions of Landscape Gardening” program.

The first of two events, an MUBG Walkabout, was held in the morning. Featured guests Michael Dirr, Allan Armitage, Vince Dooley and Natalia Hamill led a group on a walking tour of portions of the MU campus, bantering back and forth, took turns discussing various annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs in the MUBG landscape. Read more about the walkabout and the observations of featured guests here.

In the afternoon, a book signing and symposium featured the Champs sharing their expertise on various topics and highlighting their current gardening passions. The symposium was followed by an ice cream social featuring everyone’s favorite Tiger Stripe ice cream. Read more about the program celebrities’ plant trend predictions and their passions here.


Journalism student’s job with Missourians for Monarchs and MUBG is an education

MU Journalism student Jessica Sherwin’s part time communications job with Missourians for Monarchs and the Mizzou Botanic Garden (MUBG) resulted in full time appreciation for the orange and black “creatures who weigh less than a paperclip.” She also has developed a deep respect for the “intelligent and thoughtful community of people” who work to educate citizens about the importance of increasing and improving habitat for pollinators, and those who work in support of the MU campus garden. Read about Jessica’s rewarding work with both organizations here.


Career-inspired enthusiasm for all things MU includes support for MUBG

Gary L. Smith attributes his 30-year career working with students as the University of Missouri’s director of admissions and as registrar for the youthful energy that has infused his life since his retirement in 2000. His time on campus has convinced him that “perception is key,” making him an enthusiastic advocate and supporter of Mizzou Botanic Garden. Read about his life and his long-view into the history of the campus that became a garden here.


MUBG Friends Advisory Board past-president served with energy and passion

Bill Ruppert’s three-year tenure as President of Mizzou Botanic Garden’s Friends Advisory Board was eventful and personally satisfying. A very active MU alumnus, he believes his many ties and associations to MU contributed to his success. He is most proud of his work with the Legacy Oaks of the Francis Quadrangle project. Read more about Ruppert’s work on behalf of MUBG here.


MUBG takes the pledge; invasives beware

Late in September 2018, Mizzou Botanic Garden (MUBG) joined forces with other Missouri conservation groups to fight the spread of invasive species at an event on the MU campus. MUBG Director Pete Millier signed the Missouri Invasive Plants Task Force pledge to identify and control invasive species on the MU campus and to refrain from planting them in the future. Read about the pledge event and the ceremonial removal of a Bradford pear, and learn how you too can become a pledgee here.


Legacy Tribute Tree memorializes beloved husband

As part of the University of Missouri’ Legacy Tribute Tree program, Susan Stalcup Gray purchased a Korean Fir as a Christmas gift for her husband Tom to memorialize their life together. Read more about the couple and their ties to MU here.