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Welcome to the Garden Map section of the site. Here you will find printable copies of the Garden map. A list of the gardens, as well as their locations and descriptions, and a printable map jepg or printable map pdf are also available.

Tree Trails

Gardens of Interest Map

The Tree Trails are a part of the Mizzou Botanic Garden's mission to provide educational opportunities for the campus community and its visitors. We hope you enjoy the gardens and horticultural diversity to be found on campus.

The trails, located within USDA Hardiness Zone 6, consist of three loops — the Jesse Hall Loop, through the historic Francis Quadrangle; the Lowry Mall Loop, centering on Ellis Library and areas popular with students; and the Memorial Union Loop, which meanders among early 20th century white limestone buildings.

Trees on each loop are identified by sequentially numbered plaques, as shown below. The numbers on the plaques correspond to loop numbers. The number of trees, approximate distance and walking times are shown at the top of each loop map.

Loop Maps

Jesse Hall Loop

Lowry Mall Loop

Memorial Union Loop

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