Hardy Geranium Garden

Geranium x Rozanne

Rozanne Geranium (Geranium ' Rozanne') blooms all summer.

One of six theme gardens on the east side of the Mel Carnahan Quadrangle, this garden features many selections of hardy geranium including Blue Sunrise, Gravetye, Nimbus and Rozanne. Other plants include Knockout Rose (Rosa x 'Knockout'), Purple Candles Astilbe (Astilbe chinensis 'Purpurkerze' PURPLE CANDLE), September Charm Anemone (Anemone x 'September Charm'), Pee Wee Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia 'Pee Wee') and Koblodd Liatris (Liatris spicata 'Kobold').

Donor: Mr. Darden Rhodes

Geranium x RozanneHardy Geranium